5 Ways Social Networking Can Send You to Jail

Could something as seemingly innocent as typing up a Facebook post or adding a new photo to Instagram result in criminal charges being filed against you? Most people freely use social media without putting a considerable amount of thought into the type of content they’re posting or the means in which they’re interacting with others. If you’re one of those people, perhaps it is time to take a step back and realize that you could very well land in jail using social media if you aren’t careful. Five ways this can happen are:

  1. Admissions of Guilt: If you’ve committed a crime and decide to brag about it on social media, do not be surprised if police come knocking on your front door. Law enforcement does use social media to find people who have warrants and those out committing crimes and talking about it soon thereafter.
  2. Jury Duty: If you’ve been selected to serve on jury duty, do not discuss the case on social media, even if names are excluded, until the trial is over and you’re off the jury. Not only can you get in a lot of hot water for such conduct, but it could intervene with the pending criminal case.
  3. Sensitive Information: Whilst not illegal to post a person’s social security number, address, or even license plate number, you could be liable for damages if that post results in harm or damage to the individual whose information was posted. Think twice before posting this type of information on any social media site.
  4. Harassment: It is illegal to harass other people online. If you’ve been asked to leave someone alone but continue to contact them, trouble could start. If you engage in harassment or stalking-type behaviors and the individual decides to take action, it could cause you to be charged with a crime. Leave the social media drama behind.
  5. Using Other People’s Pictures: Did you know that it is a crime to use someone else’s photo as your own on social media? This can be considered identity theft and may land you in jail for a period of up to 365 days. Do not put another person’s photo as your own on any social networking platform. It is also illegal to use other copyrighted photos as your own online.

There are many other ways that you can find yourself in trouble with the things that you post on social media. The five ways that are listed above are some of the most common, however. When in doubt about content that you want to post, it is best to avoid it altogether just to steer clear of any ramifications of that decision.

It is not illegal to buy followers Instagram or for Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube, like many people assume. It is also perfectly fine to share your opinions and comment on topics and matters without worry, as long as those comments are not defamatory. Social media is fun and should always be that way.

Social Media Sites You’ve Probably Never Heard of Before

We all know sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. These popular names are some of the social networking sites that people use every single day to interact with friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances from across the globe. But, there are many social networking sites out there that you’ve probably never heard of before, but perhaps may welcome the introduction.

For businesses or anyone trying to get their brand noticed, it’s important to be aware of these new sites. Just as you can buy likes on Instagram to increase your popularity, you can do the same for some of these sites. Many people have done this and now enjoy enhanced popularity, profits, and fun. These sites may not be quite as popular as Instagram and others … yet. It’s worth keeping your eye on them though, because they’re sure to grow.

Ncludr is an interesting site that you might find fun. It definitely gets an award for being unique. There is plenty of information to discover and new people to meet once you become a member.  You will find a broad mixture of people here at this site, where everyone is loved and welcomed.

Vampire Freaks is a 2.2 million member strong community of men and women who love vampires and all-things goth. People of all ages interact here, posting photos, stories, communicating with each other, and more. It is a lot of fun for those who share the goth sense.

Ravelry is one such site. This is a knitters community, so if you’re someone who enjoys this hobby, it may be worth taking a look at this site. There is plenty to do here, from meeting fellow knitters to sharing and learning tips and information.  Anyone who appreciates knitting and crocheting can join this free platform.

Red Karaoke is another name that you may want to get to know a little bit better. Around 10,000 people use the site, which is available on a PC and phone. With the app, users can participate in karaoke alone or with the help of other members. There are tons of songs to choose from and plenty of laughs waiting when you join the free site.

TinyChat is another interesting place to go, but be forewarned this is not for minors nor the faint at heart. You never know what you will find when entering the video chat social platform, as I discovered the first time I used the site and happened open a rather erotic live encounter. Up to 20 people can join in on the video conversation, joining other rooms or creating their own for private conversation. There is no cost to join TinyChat.

Will you join any of these sites or will you stay with the names that you know and trust? Whatever your desires, whatever your purpose for using social media, there is a place to go to connect with like-minded individuals. These unique sites prove just that. I am a member of a couple of those off-the-beaten-path sites and you should be as well.

How Many Likes for Your IG Account Should You Buy?

If you’ve seen ads selling Instagram likes, you’ve probably at least considered making the purchase. The benefits are promising, it is easy, and the costs aren’t shocking, so why not? Perhaps this is the key to the social media success that you crave. Many people have learned how valuable this marketing technique is and there is no reason for you to be out in the cold when you simply desire a new level of success.


Buying likes is a great way to draw an audience to your brand, no matter what type of products and/or services you provide. You’ll find more followers and more interest in the photographs that you upload after the purchase is made. It can really give your brand the edge that it needs to stand out from the rest. Plus, it helps give your confidence a nice boost and everyone needs that, especially when marketing.

But, how many likes should you buy? There is no set number for this purchase. Each person is different and should base the number they purchase on their own specific criteria. How big of an audience do you want to gain? What is your budget for this purchase? Many people buy 50 Instagram likes to start out with and evaluate the results to determine if it is beneficial.

Of course, you can get plenty more than 50 if you prefer. Some marketers prefer to go headfirst into their marketing scheme and buy hundreds to thousands at once. You can return for more if you’d like, too. Those who’ve used this marketing technique in the past attest to the wonderful benefits that they offer, so it is easy to make the purchase with complete confidence.

Since this is one of the most affordable marketing techniques around, it is easy to spend your money with high hopes. You can spend just a few bucks to get great results when using this Instagram marketing technique. Even when buying in a larger quantity, the costs will not throw you for a loop because they are still reasonable. In fact, costs may decrease when larger quantities are purchased. This is something to check out for yourself.

Save even more money by spending a couple minutes of your time seeking out special offers. There are always special offers, promotions, and coupons to use that will help keep costs low. Take advantage of these offers and get more for your money. Anyone can use the deals, so why not get what is out there waiting for you to use?

If you have any doubts about this Instagram marketing technique and want to see the results before making a large buy, or are working with a limited budget, go ahead and buy 50 Instagram likes. This is an affordable way to get great things going in your social media life. Once you make the purchase, expect great things to happen in the very near future as your business grows and expands in big ways.

Benefits of Buying IG Fans

If you participate on Instagram, you know how important it is to have a lot of followers. These people are your fans, the people who like your photos, share them, and comment to get the conversation started. But, getting new people to follow your account is not always simple. Lots of other people have the same hopes, so even when you’re uploading awesome photos you might struggle.

Luckily, those worries are resolved with the option to get Instagram followers instantly with one single purchase. Many people and businesses use this trick to build their following and that is only one of the enticing benefits of this purchase. You won’t have any trouble finding a company that sells this service so make sure you do not wait any longer to invest your money where it will help you grow and blossom into a bigger, better version of yourself.

When you get Instagram followers instantly, you increase clout, popularity, and the fun that you have when using this site.  It is also beneficial to a small business owner ready to find the success they crave. Anyone can make the purchase and immediately enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. Additional benefits include:

  • You get the newbies added to your account very quickly. Although there is a time frame that it takes to distribute the following, it is fast and far quicker than what you could accomplish yourself.
  • It is easy to make this purchase. Anyone can do it, even if it is their first time. All that you need to do is make a few clicks and read a few paragraphs and you have what you need to succeed.
  • The price of this purchase is a real attraction for anyone who is still without the money tree in their backyard. Marketing can sometimes eat into a budget, but this affordable technique keeps costs low. Rates vary from one company to another, so make sure to complete comparisons first.
  • Increase your popularity and brand awareness with this simple purchase. You can only become popular if people know you are out there.
  • Attract more people to your account. That is the entire purpose of the purchase after all.
  • Save time and energy promoting your page. Many people spend endless hours promoting their page. It can be very draining. This makes life a little bit easier while still getting your name out there.

These are exciting benefits are yours to enjoy when you make this one simple purchase. Of course, the list of advantages of the purchase is much longer so you can expect even more stress-relief to come your way with the purchase. Both businesses and individuals can buy fans and benefit with that purchase. It is easy to get your name out there when you take all of the necessary steps to increase your popularity. Use this information to your advantage and gain social networking fame and popularity and so much more.

6 Things to Remember When Posting on Social Media

Social media is a fun way to interact with friends and family, businesses, celebrities, politicians, and others. It’s also a great place to share photos and videos, learn news and information, share opinions, and more. More than one billion people around the world have social media accounts. If you’re among those people, there are a few important things that you should always remember when posting on any of these sites. The six tips below are among the most important.

  1. Although your profile can be set to a private setting that only people on your friends list can access, nothing that you post is ever truly private. Keep this in mind when choosing what you say or upload to your page. Even deleting it off your page does not guarantee that it is gone forever. Avoid this trouble altogether and carefully think before posting anything.
  2. If you want to improve business life, use Instagram. You can buy IG likes and followers to help increase your popularity, let your personality shine, and build a successful brand on this site. Over 400 million people use Instagram every single day and the photo-sharing site definitely has some nice perks. Buy IG likes and take the same road to success that I did with my ecommerce store.
  3. Don’t be a bully. Social media is a place to go to have fun and interact with other people, but remember, no one likes a bully and the web shouldn’t be used as a ground to conduct yourself in such manner. Even if it is someone that you have beef with in real life, do not take the drama to the internet. You may very well regret it later.
  4. Share lots of content, but do not overdo it and frustrate your friends. Whatever topics are close to your heart, you can tell your friends all about it in these posts on your page. Even controversial topics are easy to share.
  5. Comment on other people’s posts and photos and join groups and communities if you really want to stay connected and in the loop of things. No matter what social site you are participating in, there are tons of options to choose from that will help you make the most fun of your time.
  6. Do not add just anyone to your page. There are bot accounts out there that could hack your page upon acceptance of the friend request. Furthermore, there are some strange characters in this world that you may not wish to get intertwined with. Screen all of your friend requests to stay safe and secure.

Remember the six tips above and it is simple to enjoy the web to the fullest and get what you came for. People do it every single day and wouldn’t change it for the world. Are you ready to meet and mingle and mix it up on the ‘net like so many of your fellow friends, associates, and family are doing already?